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Reinventing what it means to be social.

Grow your community and monetize your work

blogs, subscriptions, forums, radio, podcast, shows, groups, online course etc

Post a job and recruit freelancers and/or volunteers

Freelancers are independent vendors that work with your budget to help you build your brand, DJ for your wedding or even fixing your bike. Volunteer are just as awesome! volunteers are paid through time credits.

Open Shop with our

e-commerce platform.

this functionality will allow you to grow an online store and sell merch, original content, tickets to online events and much more.

Cultivate back-end methodologies

no more worrying about what dashboard does what and what subscription is due. use one login to access your community and all the tools you need to grow.

Few would argue that, despite the advancements of technology over the past three decades, it's still awkward to be social sometimes. But those that eat together grow together so lets build commUNITY !

Grow with POA

Joining our community is always free.

Become a vendor at POA by choosing a vendor package below

Public Figures

Earn 10% commission

Best option for influencers, blogs, gamers, and podcasts. Become an affiliate and find brand sponsorships.


Earn up to 80%


Best option for small businesses, start ups and personal projects. post your products and reach out to public figures to help grow your brand




$100 monthly for virtual assistance

Best option for employers and community managers. post unlimited jobs and recruit top freelancers and volunteers.




$100 monthly for virtual assistance

Best option for teachers, mentors, chiefs and trainers. post and monetize online course and allow your community members to earn credits and rewards

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